We expand our cafe and close our online shop. Order your last bread today for delivery on Tuesday!


When do you deliver?
If you order before 6pm, we deliver on the next day between 3pm and 7pm. If you order after 6pm, the delivery goes out two days afterwards.

Your products are out of stock! When will there be new stock?
Due to high demand, products can run out of stock. But every day after 6pm we adjust the stock values, according to the baking capacity. There is new stock every evening, because we bake fresh every morning.

How does your contactless delivery work?
Our driver drops your delivery in a paper bag in front of your door or driveway, knocks your door and waits for you. If you are not available, the driver takes a picture, and gives you a ring or sends you an SMS to the phone number you have provided. Addresses can be very hard to find, so please ensure your house number is clearly visible, and you give clear instructions about where to drop the delivery.

What if it rains during the delivery?
Please place a box with a lid outside your door, so that our driver can drop the delivery inside the box.

What days do you deliver?
Currently, we deliver every day.

How can I tell you where to drop my delivery?
There is a comment field in the shopping cart which you can use for detailed instructions about the location where the driver should drop the delivery.

What if the delivery does not arrive?
Please contact us.

Where do you deliver?
We deliver in Christchurch, New Zealand, only.

How about the delivery cost?
The delivery cost depend on the order value and the delivery distance. We deliver to our direct neighbours for free, for example, but need to charge a delivery fee for further distances to cover the cost. The delivery cost will be automatically calculated during checkout according to your ZIP code. Alternatively, they are listed here.

I try to place an order, but no delivery options are shown. What can I do?
Please contact us and let us know your ZIP code.

How do I ensure I get fresh bread?
Our bread is freshly delivered. We bake to order.

Why do you offer such a small range of products?
We need to help fighting the spread of COVID-19. We therefore produce only a small range of goods. This helps us keeping the production safe.

What do you do to ensure your products are safe during the COVID-19 lockdown?
We have taken additional hygiene measures to ensure we do not spread the virus. This includes our team. Currently, only team members who take self isolation and their bubbles very serious is allowed in our bakery. Only one baker is in the bakery at any time, and wearing PPE is mandatory. Surfaces and devices are disinfected more often than in normal times. Also, our team comes to work directly, in private vehicles. Delivery and collections are entirely contactless, and we have reduced the amount of goods produced per day, so that the safety measures can be well taken care of.

Do you deliver bread to Rangiora or other places outside Christchurch?
Normally not, but we can make exceptions. Please contact us and be prepared for a shipping cost of $10, and a minimum order value of $30 (could be more, depending on the distance).

How does your click & collect work?
You order today ... and can normally pick your order up after 4pm, tomorrow! We will send you an email once your order is ready for pickup.

Is your click & collect contactless?
Yes! When you pick up your order, please wait at the sign and give us a ring. Under all circumstances, please maintain a physical distance of at least 2 meters to our staff and other customers. According to the level 3 rules, you cannot come into our premises, and our staff is not allowed to get nearer to you than 2 meters. Once you arrive, we will place your order on a little table outside. Our staff then steps back, and you can pick up the bag.

How do I find the Click & Collect location?
The address is 56 Heywood Terrace. It is listed in Google Maps as "Aha Wildlife Bakery (Click & Collect Location).

Can I get the bread delivered to my car?
Yes! If you prefer to stay at your car, please park within 50 meters of our premises and give us a ring. We will then bring your order to your car, place it on your car. Our staff then steps back, and you can pickup the order. A direct handover is not permitted at this stage.

Where can I park my car?
We recommend Harvey Terrace.

Does your bread freeze well?
Sure it does. - As all breads, our bread is best consumed fresh. But if you freeze it as a loaf or half a loaf in a sealed plastic bag, you can easily store it for a week.